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Título: Weeds ecology and interference with lupinus crops in Centre and South of Portugal
Autor: Gaspar, Natália
Moreira, I.
Palavras-chave: Lupinus
Data: 1994
Editora: Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Citação: Gaspar, N. & Moreira, I. (1994). Weeds ecology and interference with lupinus crops in Centre and South of Portugal. In Martins, J.M.N. & Costa, M. L. B.. Advances in Lupin research. 342- 345.
Resumo: In the weed survey carried out in Lupinus albus crop werw found 269 taxa concerning 253 species which 77% were distributed in ten families. The most active enironmental factors in the distribution of the species were indicated. Weed interference effects on Lupinus luteus crop (cvs Refusa and Mil Fontes) were studied in two small field trials. In spite of the low efficiency oh thr pre-emergency herbicides applied, the results show a production reduction caused by weeds higher than 50%. In large plot trials with Lupinus albus, weed interference caused significant decrease in total dry matter accumulation. The reduction at final harvest (203 day after sowing) in total dry matter in the stand with weed compared with the stand with herbicide application was higher than 40%.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.15/2293
ISBN: 972-96603-0-1
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