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Title: CreativeLab_Sci&Math:teaching new ways of learning science & mathematics
Author: Correia, Marisa
Cavadas, Bento
Keywords: CreativeLab_Sci&Math
6E teaching model
innovative educational environments
digital educational resources
interdisciplinary activities
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Abstract: The CreativeLab_Sci&Math is a didactic initiative of the teachers of the Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém/Higher School of Education (IPS/ESE). We are aware of the evolution and importance of educating future educators in teaching practices associated with new learning environments. So, we had developed an initiative to transform traditional labs into innovative educational environments (IEE) called CreativeLab_Sci&Math. The CreativeLab_Sci&Math is based on the following principles: Use of the 6E instructional model and Inquiry-Based Learning; Promotion of interdisciplinary activities in Mathematics and Sciences; use of innovative educational environments; Curricular integration of digital technologies.
Peer review: no
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