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Título: The influence of an in-service programme on primary teachers conceptions about practical work
Outros títulos: La influencia de un programa de formación en las concepciones de profesores de primaria sobre trabajo práctico
Autor: Correia, Marisa
Freire, Ana
Palavras-chave: teacher conceptions
primary teachers
professional development
Concepciones de profesores
trabajo práctico
profesores de primaria
desarrollo profesional
Data: Abr-2016
Editora: Asociación Universitaria de Formación del Profesorado (AUFOP)
Citação: Correia, M. & Freire, A.M. (2016). The influence of an in-service programme on primary teachers conceptions about practical work. Revista Electrónica Interuniversitaria de Formación del Profesorado, 19(2), 259-­271.
Resumo: The purpose of this study was to investigate how an in-service programme influenced primary teachers’ conceptions about practical work. Ten elementary teachers participated in a Portuguese city in an one-year professional development programme, which aimed to promote the use of practical activities in classroom. Semi-structured interviews and classroom observations were both used to examine changes in teachers’ conceptions about science teaching and in their classroom pratices. Data also included written artefacts, such as teachers’ written reflections, lesson plans, activity sheets, assessment items and student work samples. Based on the analysis of the data, the changes in teachers’ conceptions were organized into four categories: student and learning, teacher and teaching, science teaching, and teaching context. Throughout their participation in the programme, teachers pointed out several constraints related to planning and implementing practical activities. Results indicate that most teachers were able to overcome their initial difficulties and progressively gained more confidence in using student-centered pratices. However, one year after the end of the programme, teachers reported that their actual practices did not changed significantly, particularly with regard to inquiry-based practical and collaborative activities, which remained absent or rare. Implications for professional development and further research are discussed.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.15/1439
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6018/reifop.19.2.254971
ISSN: 1575-0965
Versão do Editor: http://revistas.um.es/reifop/article/view/254971
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